Salies de Bearn salt with Cepes

Salies de Bearn salt with Cepes


Coarse Salt from Salies-de-Bearn with Cèpes in a mill. Ready mixed and easy to use, add a touch of Cordon Bleu to your cooking.


Net 120g

  • Product Details

    The coarse salt is enriched with the addition of Cèpes (porcini mushrooms)

    Salies-de-Béarn Salt is obtained by evaporation alone. Its underground waters undergo an ancient process, using a saltpan. This makes it a 100% natural salt, exceptionally rich in trace elements. This salt has been used for centuries on tables across the south west of France.

  • Serving Notes

    Use a little to bring out the best flavour in meats, fish, stews, cassoulet and salads

  • Storage

    Store in a dry place. This salt contains no additives or anti caking agents