Oak Smoked Scallops (Pot of 4)

Oak Smoked Scallops (Pot of 4)


Cornish scallops, without coral (row). Cured in French salt and Demerara sugar, then lightly oak smoked. 


(Packed in a compostable pot containing 4 scallops)

  • Ingredients

    Allergens are identified in BOLD

    Scallop (FISH), salt, sugar, smoke

  • Storage

    Store in refrigerator at 1°- 4°C, consume within 3 days of opening.

  • Serving Notes

    Leave at room temperature for 15 minutes, if serving raw. Slice thinly and eat like Sushi, on a salad or as a starter. Cook smoked scallops just the same as fresh, lightly sauté in a very hot pan with butter until just brown. Don’t overcook.